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Type: Recorder Spares


Chino Chart ET201

The Chino Chart ET201 (0 - 1200 Degrees C) is compatible with the Chino EH100-12 Point Recorder.

Product Code: GHT 2401




Chino Chart EH05035

The Chino EH05035 Chart (0 - 1200 Degrees C) is compatible with the Chino EH3127-001 and the Chino AH3725-N00 Recorders.

Product Code: GHT 2402




Fuji Chart BL1000-B

The Fuji Chart BL1000-B is compatible with the PHA series recorders

Product Code: GHT 2407




Fuji Printer Head for PHA series Recorders

The Fuji printer head PHZH1002 is compatible with Fuji Recorders from the PHA series

Product Code: GHT 2408




Chino Inks set of 12

The Chino ink set consists of 12 different coloured inks which can be used to refill the Chino recorder dotting wheel

Product Code: GHT 2404





Chino Dotting Wheel For EH Series

The Chino dotting wheel Product Code: GHT 2405






GHT 2439

The 12 point Chino Ink Wheel (un-inked). Product Code: GHT 2439 We also supply this fully inked Product Code: GHT 2438






Chino Cassette Ribbon for AH Series

The Chino cassette ribbon is compatible with the Chino AH3000 series recorders

Product Code: GHT 2406

Chino Recorder Ink Pad Wheel (Inked) : GHT 2438

Product code: GHT2438

  • Replacement ink pad wheel for use with Chino EH series temperature chart recorders.


Chino Recorder Ink Pad Wheel (Inked) : GHT 2438 quantity

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