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Type: SW12V Auto Pin Welder


SW12V Auto Pin Welder

Product Code:GHT 4005

The SW12V auto pin welder is a capacitance-discharge welding unit intended for general purpose attachment of pins and wires to work pieces. It has variable energy output to suit a range of pin or wire sizes. The SW12V is powered by a rechargeable battery or by connection to a 110V a.c. supply (or optional 230V a.c. supply).


Ideal for attaching thermal insulation pins to a workpiece where not practical to use banding wire or steel tape. It can also be used to attach thermocouple wire when set in lower output energy range.




Operation-Select required output energy then switch unit On. The unit will charge up until ‘Ready’ to weld. With the welding return magnet attached to the workpiece, the wire or pin to be welded is then held by the supplied pliers and touched against the workpiece at the required point. Once this contact is made between the wire or pin and the workpiece the unit automatically spot welds the pin or wire to the workpiece. Three short audible beeps followed by one longer beep indicates that the unit is about to discharge and make the spot weld. The unit will then automatically recharge ready for the next spot weld. If the unit is left unused for approximately 5 minutes, it will go into ‘sleep’ mode (indicators off). Switching the unit Off then On again will reactivate the unit.

• Hand free operation with audible count-in to ‘auto-weld’ .

• Two energy ranges selectable: 30 to 60 Joules or 125 to 250 Joules .

• Rechargeable battery.

• Low battery LED indicator and auto switch-off to conserve battery.

• Rugged cased floor standing unit with hard rubber feet and tool storage tray

• Supplied with 2m welding cables, welding return magnet, supply lead, and interchangeable pliers:

  •  Long-nose pliers (GHT 4962) for low range– thinner wire or pin welding

  •  Larger pliers (GHT 4933) or thicker wire or pin welding

Download PDF Brochure

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