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Type: Quad Cables & Star Point Connectors


Quad Cable Sets

The quad cable is used to connect the mains voltage control unit via a star point connector to the chosen type of ceramic heater or channel element. At one end of the quad cable set are three 60 amp female twistlock connectors and one 300 amp male twistlock connector and on the other end a 5 pin, 415 volt plug is attached.


Product Code: GHT 6201 - Quad Cable Set 16mm2 Copper Cable 30m Long (135 amps)

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Star Point Connectors, 1m Long

The star point connector is used to connect the quad cable with either the channel heater or mains ceramic heater.

Product Code: GHT 6202 - Star Point Connector with 1 x 300 Amp Female Twistlock Comand 3 x 60 Amp Female Twistlocks

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