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Type: PTC160


PTC 160 Six Channel Automatic Temperature Programmer/Controller

Product code: GHT3001

A compact, heat treatment programmer unit designed for use with Globe’s range of mobile heat treatment power source transformers for the programming and control of heat treatment processes. The PTC160 accurately controls the rate of temperature rise, hold temperature, hold time and rate of temperature fall of up to six control zones following a single programmed temperature control profile to an accuracy of ≤0.25% of full scale.


For programming and controlling the post weld heat treatment and preheating of pipe welds and welded fabrications up to 1200°C



• Simple to program and operate with a bank of four, data entry push switches to enter in all rate, temperature and time program values.

• Programmable temperature profile contains start and end temperatures, ramp up and down rates, hold temperature and time .

• Numeric LED display of program set point temperature, hold time and actual process temperature of each control zone

• Compact and lightweight

• Ramp hold feature to ensure control zones do not fall behind the set point to control temperature differential between control zones.

• Programmable for ramp rates up to 999ºC per hour, maximum temperature 1200°C and a maximum hold period of 99.99 hours.

• In the event of mains failure the program is stored indefinitely until the mains supply is restored.

• Housed in a robust mild steel case with carrying handles

• Supplied with control lead with Bulgin seven pin multi socket.

• Twelve x Type K thermocouple sockets fitted to the rear of the unit.

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