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Lead Intensifying Screen 25 pair pack 10 x 24cm thickness 0.125/0.125

Lead Intensifying Screen 25 pair pack 10 x 24cm thickness 1 0.125/0.125

SKU: LS-10x24
  • Features

    • Quality Assured
      Rigorous quality control throughout the production process ensures that RADAC Lead Intensifying Screens are free from defects that could interfere with the interpretation of the image.

    • Flexible & Durable
      The high-quality backing used in the production of RADAC screens means that they can be bent repeatedly to a small radius without cracking, resulting in a lower whole-life cost.

    • High Intensification
      RADAC Lead Intensifying Screens deliver higher intensification, increased sensitivity, reduced exposure times, and better contrast.

    • Full Range of Thicknesses
    • Full Range of Cut Sizes
      The Screens are available in all standard metric and imperial sizes and are cut according to BS3490:1985 or ISO 5655-1982. Custom size screens can be manufactured to order.
    • Premium Materials
      The high-quality un-coated lead used in RADAC screens results in higher intensification and an absence of problems associated with lacquer coatings and other products.
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