CP3 (3 Beads - 75 mm x  8 Beads -670mm) 60v 2.7kW Heater Element


Typically used for post weld heat treatment of thick wall pipe welds and preheating up 1,050°C


Product Description: Ceramic Heating Element 3 beads x 32 beads, 60V, 2.7kW Our flexible, ceramic pad heaters are constructed from high quality, European manufactured, sintered aluminium ceramic beads, high grade 19 strand, 80/20 Nickel/Chrome (Ni/Cr) core wire, and 7 strand 212 Nickel cold tail with fitted 60A twistlock plugs.


Features: • Flexible • Versatile • Reliable • Durable • Competitively priced


Specification Heater body width 3 beads (75mm) Heater body length 8 beads (660mm) Hot tail length 300mm Cold tail length 200mm Voltage 60 V Current 45 A Power 2.7 kW Core Wire 19 strand, 80/20 Nickel/Chrome (Ni/Cr) Cold tail wire 7 strand 212 Nickel Bead material 95% Sintered Aluminium Plugs 2 x 60 A twistlock plugs as standard (also available with Dinse plugs)

CP3 Electrical Heater 60V 2.7KW

SKU: GHT5107