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Ceramic Pad Heater CP10-Made with Nickel chrome 80/20 2.7KW, 60V(No of Beads : 10 x 10 Beads , 255mm x 205mm) (PWHT )


Our flexible, ceramic pad heaters are constructed from high quality, European manufactured, sintered aluminium ceramic beads, high grade 19 strand, 80/20 Nickel/Chrome (Ni/Cr) core wire, and 7 strand 212 Nickel cold tail with fitted 60A twistlock plugs.



Typically used for post weld heat treatment of thick wall pipe welds and preheating up 1,050C

Ceramic Pad Heater CP10- 2.7KW, 60V(Bead : 10 x 10 )

  • Features:

    • Flexible

    • Versatile

    • Reliable

    • Durable

    • Competitively priced

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