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P183 Globe Six Channel Automatic Temperature Programmer / Controller

Product code: GHT3300

The P183 automatic temperature programmer / controller has been designed for use in conjunction with Globe’s range of mobile heat treatment power source transformers for the programming and control of heat treatment processes. It is an excellent replacement for the popular though now obsolete P256 Programmer.



For programming and controlling the post weld heat treatment and preheating of pipe welds and welded fabrications up to 1,200°C



  • Programmable temperature profile contains start temperature and end temperatures, ramp up and down rate and hold temperature and time

  • Twin digital displays indicating the process value (PV) i.e. actual workpiece temperature and the setpoint value (SV) i.e. the target temperature of each point in the process

  • Simple to program with a clear and bright display

  • Each individual channel can be programmed to run in AUTO, MANUAL or OFF mode

  • The LCD display provides visual indication of the running heat treatment program status and control zone output

  • A neon light for each channel indicates when associated control zone contactor is energised

  • A neon warning light indicating a faulty thermocouple, possibly due to a reversed thermocouple connection

  • Housed in a robust mild steel case with carrying handles and crash bars to protect the front panel

  • Control lead with 7 pin multi socket

  • Twelve x Type K thermocouple sockets fitted to the rear of the unit

  • Two thermocouple sockets per channel for thermocouple input and output to external temperature recorder.

Download datasheet file

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