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Miscellaneous Spares

Type: Banding


Banding Machine Standard

Product Code: GHT 9301 - Standard Banding Machine

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Banding Machine Delux

Product Code: GHT 9302 - Delux Banding Machine

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Stainless Steel Banding 1/2" Wide

Product Code: GHT 9303 - Stainless Steel Banding 1/2" (13mm) Wide, 30m Roll




Stainless Steel Clips (100 per box)

Product Code: GHT 9304 - Stainless Steel Clips (100 per box)




Iron Wire 25kg Roll

Product Code: GHT 9305 - Iron Wire 25kg Roll



Square Magnet Pair

Product Code: GHT 9306 - Square Magnet Pair




Round Magnet Pair

Product Code: GHT 9307 - Round Magnet Pair

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