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Type: Finger Elements


Finger Elements

Finger elements can be used for pre and post weld heat treatment. They are robust and require minimal maintenance. The element is made with NiCr wire threaded through ring beads. The tails are beaded with regular tail beads and a connector block is attached to the ends to make the connection with the power source cables.

Each finger of the element is rated at 120 amps, 1.3 volts. The standard 60 volt, 2.7kW finger element is made from 46 fingers, each finger holding 5 beads. If an alternative voltage finger element is required, the required size can be calculated from the following equation-

Voltage/individual finger voltage = Number of fingers required.

Product Code: GHT 5701- 46 Beads wide x 5 beads on each finger. 2.7kW, 60V

Product Code: GHT 5702- 62 Beads wide x 5 beads on each finger. 3.2kW, 60V

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