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Dosimeters -Personal Radiation Detection

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The most popular household dosimeter in Ukraine and throughout the world.
Designed on the basis of the professional device MKS-05 TERRA, which is in operational service with the Ukrainian army.

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A new version of the world-known household dosimeter TERRA-P, designed on the basis of professional device MKS-05 TERRA.



The one and only premium class dosimeter in the world. Created by the leading specialists for successful people who put high value on their own safety. EcotestVIP is a combination of the best technical specifications and elegant design.


Gamma Sapiens

Gamma Sapiens is an innovative device that will turn your smartphone or tablet into dosimeter. From now on you can measure radiation remotely without putting yourself at risk of exposure! Gamma Sapiens continuously transfers measurement results via Bluetooth to smartphones and tablets running Android OS.



A wrist-type warning device in a shock-resistant body with a high ingress protection rating IP67. aGent-R is designed for detection and evaluation of gamma radiation using four-level threshold alarm system. LED and vibrating alarms warn about threshold levels exceeding. The function of non-stop counter performance monitoring guarantees the accuracy of measurement results.

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