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Ceramic Heating Elements

Type: 60 Volt Ceramic Heater Elements

60 Volt Ceramic Heater Elements          Download Heating Element general Information

60V ceramic pad heater elements provide 2.7kW of heating power for pre and post weld heat treatments. Globe’s ceramic pad heater elements are manufactured from high grade nickel chrome (NiCr) 80/20 19 stranded wire.


They are insulated with durable ceramic interlocking beads made of sintered alumina oxide.

Each ceramic heater has a nickel 212 welded coil tail which enables the technician safe and easy access to the heater when in use.

A white marker bead denotes the start of the cold tail.

A twistlock connector complete with insulated sleeve is attached to the end of each tail to enable the ceramic heater.

We usually stock ceramic heaters of the following sizes - (first measurement is the distance from tail to tail and the second measurement is the distance from top to bottom of the main body of the ceramic heater)

Product Code: GHT 5107 - 75mm x 660mm (3 Beads x 32 Beads)

Product Code: GHT 5110 - 100mm x 495mm (4 Beads x 24 Beads)

Product Code: GHT 5117 - 150mm x 335mm (6 Beads x 16 Beads)

Product Code: GHT 5122 - 200mm x 255mm (8 Beads x 12 Beads)

Product Code: GHT 5126 - 255mm x 210mm (10 Beads x 10 Beads)

Product Code: GHT 5130 - 305mm x 170mm (12 Beads x 8 Beads)

Product Code: GHT 5136 - 380mm x 145mm (15 Beads x 7 Beads)

Product Code: GHT 5137 - 405mm x 125mm (16 Beads x 6 Beads)

Product Code: GHT 5145 - 535mm x 100mm (21 Beads x 5 Beads)

Product Code: GHT 5151 - 610mm x 85mm (24 Beads x 4 Beads) 

Product Code: GHT 5163 - 1220mm x 45mm (48 Beads x 2 Beads)

For any other sizes please send us email and we will fulfill your requirements.


Click here to download heater sizes and information

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